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 Women Veterans 2021 - 2022 


Women have served in the military from the American Revolution to the present, and roughly 15 percent of all veterans are women. Unfortunately, women have been historically underrepresented in utilizing the benefits provided for them, and have often been more reticent in claiming their veteran status. The Department of Veterans Affairs is committed to ensuring that benefits and services for women veterans are made as accessible as possible, and has created a number of outreach programs and revised guidelines toward this end.

District 14 Women Veterans Chairman is Sabrina Young of VFW Post 1820, 254-251-0099 and her e-mail is sabrina.young87@yahoo.com.

Our Women Veterans Chairman Sabrina Young has added a new monthly letter to provide more information to our women veterans. Click here to read monthly letters.

Listed below are some great web sites to visit and collect more information for your issues or needs. It's all of our responsibility to take care of our veterans.

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 VA Disability Benefits Questionnaires (DBQs)


 VA Launches Hotline To Answer Questions on VA Healthcare and Benefits for Women Veterans 


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