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 Help End Homeless Veterans in Texas

Our State Commander Richard "Dick" Shawver and District 14 Commander Carlo S. Davis needs all of us to committe in helping end Homeless Veterans in District 14 and across the State of Texas. Jimmie Surles is the Homeless Veterans Chairman for the District and his contact information for his phone number and email is 254-319-4348 and email is jimmie.surles@yahoo.comIf you need any help please contact him. We have developed a program to help resolve this problem by working with Posts, VA Hospitals, VA Clinics, other organizations in your community. Our work in collaboration with large and small localities proves that - through leadership, cooperation and evidence-based practices - it’s possible to ensure that every Veteran has food, clothing, health care and a home.

What is our Mission?

To foster camaraderie among Texas veterans of overseas conflicts. To serve our veterans, the military, and our communities. To advocate on behalf of all veterans. To help provide services and resources to eliminate homelessness among our Texas Veterans.

What is our Vision?

Ensure that all Homeless Veterans are respected for their service, always receive their earned entitlements, and are recognized for the sacrifices they and their loved ones have made on behalf of this great country.

What Can We Do?

What can WE do as Texas Veterans to take appropriate steps toward alleviating this terrible condition you ask? It’s as simple as reaching out and taking action VOLUNTARILY! Step up to the plate ……. You hear about it? Care enough to do something about it? Remember that there by the Grace of God … it could be YOU that is homeless with no knowledge of where to turn next. Do nothing is not acceptable.

What can you do at the District level?

• Organize or participate in a Homeless Veterans Stand Down. Have services available such as employment, temporary housing, legal services, dental/medical services, food/water donations and preparation, shower/barbers/hair stylists, daycare, Alcohol/Drug Anonymous, etc.

• Team up with allied veterans organizations/restaurants/food distributors to execute a plan for a Stand Down.

• Do your home work ! Who knows who? What are they willing to bring to the table? Obtain as many donations as possible. If you don’t ask, you won’t get. Explain that all donations are tax deductible.

• Encourage involvement from all your Posts. Appoint a Homeless Veteran Chairman!

• I know a lot of Posts take part in “Stand Downs” in their area, but alot of Posts do not report it. If you don’t report your work, no one will know about your efforts. 

What you can do at the Post level?

• Do your research on line at www.va.gov/homeless/ (Veterans Services), http://www.vfw.org (Assistance) to educate yourselves on what the Department of Veterans Affairs, the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans and OUR organization offer for the relief of our homeless Veterans.

• Appoint your Post Chaplain or Post Service Officer to head this vital program. Make sure they discuss this program on your floor so that all Post Members are aware of the resources that are available.

• Do your homework! Broaden your horizons! Familiarize yourself with what referable services are available in your own communities. (I.E. County Veterans Service Office, Employment Development Department office, community shelters, church/community-run needy programs for food and clothing, Alcohol/Drug Anonymous meetings, soup kitchens, etc.) In addition, participate and/or volunteer in a Stand Down in your area.

• Make sure your Post Relief Fund has ample funds to be drawn on when a need arises.

• Have a Standing Rule in place for a specific dollar amount to be immediately drawn upon (between business meetings) or vote out to buy gift cards to local grocers and restaurants to have on hand and put them under the control of the Post Chaplain and Post Service Officer for this specific program.

• Have food and clothing drives on a continual basis in your Post Home then donate the items to the resources in your community for further distribution.

• Report each activity you do as they are completed.

How To Report:

Important! – Remember to submit your activities online on the Department website.

Click here to submit your Community Service Report (Homeless Veterans Activities).

 Homeless Veterans Information Web Sites

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   Veterans Health Administration VA Health Care System

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This website page is opened to all and any suggestion to help improve our Homeless Veterans Program across District 14 and  the "Lone Star" State of Texas. Please e-mail your comments or suggestions to Commander Carlo S. Davis at brodavisc@yahoo.com or Chief of Staff Anson L. Booker at malbooker@aol.com.