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District 14

SOP & Training Information for Post Level

2022 - 2023

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Department & National Items

Department of Texas SOP

Texas VFW All-State Program

Texas VFW All-American Program

National Membership Program - 2021 - 2022

Texas VFW Membership & Recruiting Mission - 2021- 2022

Department of Texas By-Laws - 2021 - 2022 - 29Jun21

Department of Texas VFW Social Media Policy

Submit Veterans Project Participation Report (VPR)

Submit Community Service Report

Review Post & District Status Report

National - Adopt-A-Unit Form On-Line Activity Report

Texas VFW Adopt-A-Unit Application for Sponsorship

National - MAP Grant Report

National - VFW Planning Calendar

National - "NEW" All-American Eligible Dashboard Training Guide


District Requirements for Posts 2022-2023

District 14 Commander Mission & Vision

District 14 By-Laws

District 14 Membership Recruiting &  Retention Plan 

Texas VFW Officers Training Seminar

District 14 Meetings & Organization Training

District 14 Inspection Teams

Posts Meeting Nights

District 14 Organization & Officers Training Itinery

District 14 Posts Status Report

Post Training Videos

Conducting a VFW Post Meeting Opening

Conducting a VFW Post Meeting

Conducting a VFW Post Meeting Closing

Challenging a VFW Member's Eligibility

Election Report & Convention Mailing

Submitting Post By-laws & Articles of Incorporation

Mentorship Program - The Department of Texas Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)


Post Requirments for All-State & All-American

Post Minimum Requirements

Post Stand Form

VFW Dates To Remember

Deadline Dates

Veterans Participation Report (VPR's) Commemorative Dates

Post Insurance Requirements

Example of Post Certificate of Liability Insurance

Post Inspection Form

Post By-Laws Template

Post Articles of Incorporation Template

 State Awards for Individuals

State Award Entry Criteria

State Award Nomination Form

Military Assistance Program - Veterans and Military Support - National Donation for All-American

District 14 Post Delegates Form


Post Quartermaster Items - 2021-2022

Post & District Quartermaster Blanket Bonding

Quartermaster Payment Online - Buddy Poppies, Quartermaster Bonding & Blanket Bonding, Service Officer Registration, Texas House at the National Home Donation, & MAP Donation

Quartermaster 8822-B Change of Address or Reponsible Party

Instructions Online Election Report

Post Trustee's Training Guideline

Quartermaster Trustee's Report of Audit

Quartermaster  Detail of Receipts and Disbursements

TABC Manual

IRS 990 Information & Form

IRS Tax Exempt Guide

Veterans Tax Guide

Non-Profit Texas Guide

Texas Property

Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certification Form