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Commander's District 14 Training & Events for Post Level

One of the Commanders initiatives for 2020-2021, is to mobilize a District training team; known as the “Rodeo Training Team.” Due to the deadly COVID 19 pandemics, we must come up with new and innovative ways to help, aid and assist our local Post with their training.  

This page will show a link to the monthly calendar, depicting the request from the local Posts who would like to increase their knowledge of the VFW and Post operations.

You can submit your request to the Commander or Chief of Staff.

Carlo S. Davis - 808-729-7959 - brodavisc@yahoo.com

Anson T. Booker - 254-371-2579 - malbooker@aol.com

We started this training on June 29, 2020 at Post 1820 - Click links below for Post pictures and monthly calendar.

District 14 Posts Training Pictures

Post 1820


Monthly Calendar

June 2020